Registration is now open for a spectacular (and free) holiday in the Arctic Circle

Are you looking for a holiday a little different from the usual and possibly far from the most crowded tourist destinations? The Fjällräven Polar , then, is just right for you. The Scandinavian association is in fact looking for 20 fearless candidates who want to travel 300 kilometers in the Arctic Circle, between 9 and 15 April 2018.

But what does this very special journey consist of? It will certainly not be a holiday full of ease and comfort, it is good to know: the expedition will leave from Signaldalen, in Norway, heading towards the Swedish town of Väkkäräjärvi, sledging the tundra and procuring food on its own. To welcome you in the evening, then, there will not be a cozy hotel, but a tent but to mount with the rest of the group.

The participants, as explained in detail on the official website of the project, will be selected one by country (and two will be chosen by our area, the Mediterranean one), in order to guarantee a greater cultural exchange. To apply you need to send a video presentation to tell, as well as some photos that explain their character, their lives and their inclinations. The aspiring Arctic tourists will then have to advertise their application through social networks, whose users will choose who to send to the North Pole, while other participants will be identified by a jury of experts from the Polar Circle.

The goal of the project, in fact, is to make it clear that anyone can survive in the two poles of the world if properly prepared. The 20 chosen, not surprisingly, will be constantly supported by expert guides, who will teach them how to get by and provide them with the right equipment (all for free). Hurry up though: applications will be closed on December 14th.