Fun things to do in Colombia

Colombia in South America is an amazing country with a mix of natural beauty and thriving business. There are a lot of fun activities to do apart from sightseeing in Colombia. You can go bicycling on the coastal areas of Caribbean Sea, long hiking or biking in the avenues or streets of La Candelaria, kitesurfing/boating in Cartagena, delve into the depths of salt mines in Zipaquirá, birdwatch in Corcora Valley, and more.

Islands from Cartagena

Day trips from Cartegana to islands away from the Caribbean Sea will be a pleasant experience. The Rosario Islands is an archipelago situated off the Caribbean coast. It offers an oasis of peace resting on the beaches of these private islands. You will be impressed with the stretch of flora and fauna all the way. The pristine waters beckon you to go for boating and snorkeling, just tumultuous for the day! Enjoy Colombian lunch in a restaurant on the coastlines. Sunset views of the Caribbean coast are amazing.

Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffee is luscious and world famous, as the geographical conditions of Colombia are ideal for fresh and rich flavored coffee. It tastes superb because of a wide range of beans grown in the fields. Different roasts have different flavors. The aroma and flavor of the Colombian morning coffee takes you to the coffee fields of Colombia. You may go for coffee tours to the Colombian coffee cities such as Cali, Medellin, and Bogotá.

Corcora Valley

This is the place near haven of Salento, inviting us to the cloud forest, the wax palms, and the valley with a river surrounded by rugged foothills. So, you will get tantalized with the diverse areas in Salento. Hiking through the cloud forest takes at least 5 hours. Bird enthusiasts crave for perfect birdwatching in the Acaime Hummingbird Sanctuary. Along the hills of the Andes Mountains, you can have a thrill of mountain climbing and horse riding. You may go for a side trip to the neighborhood Los Nevados National Park, the sightseeing of which includes sparkling mountain lakes and volcanoes.


The Zipaquirá Salt Park is most eye-catching with different wonders: the Salt Mine, Salt Catherine, the Brine Museum, the Salt Auditorium, and the forests. Bizarrely enough, as you enter into the mine the site changes. Darkness and phosphorescence appear alternatively as you move. The statue of Virgin de Guasá will be there. Inside the Salt Cathedral, the halite rock ornamental carving, the Sacred Axis is placed in altar, and other places to visit there are the museum and the auditorium. Outside the mine, hike around the reservoir and the forests flanking the Salt Mine. Rock climbing will be more adventurous but exciting here.

Caving in San Gil

If you wish to go caving, San Gil is the ideal location. As this is underground, the experience compliments that of the Mexico’s cenote. Tapering cave columns, steep rocks, and narrow spacing will be awe-inspiring to the travelers.

Colombia is an excellent city of sightseeing, events, and small tours. Have more fun in your planned trip for going around the city!