It’s on this picture that I started my one-week trip to Northern Ireland and my road trip on the Causeway Coastal Route. It was absolutely splendid weather, the azure sky mingled with the turquoise sea, while touches of green and yellow tried to catch my attention in the corners of my eyes. The hot wind ruffled my hair, some tourists and locals picnicked peacefully on this Monday holiday of May and I had a haste: get off the car, run in all directions, climb rocks and try to photograph the beauty the spectacle of nature that presented itself to me. For the first time in a long time, I had tears in my eyes of wonder.

The scenery was so beautiful, nature was so spectacular and enchanting, Ireland offered me so generously that I was ready to cry. It had been several months since I had felt the intense happiness,the pure freedom of solo travel , discovering the wonders of this world and that day, and the following days in Northern Ireland, I realized how lucky I was to live this life. The burnout of the trip seemed a long way off and I was ready for an extraordinary adventure in Northern Ireland. Starting with the legendary Causeway Coastal Route.

The Causeway Coastal Route road trip in Northern Ireland has been nominated by National Geographic and many other publications, as one of the most beautiful road trips in the world and we understand very quickly why by taking this route . The road trip will take you from the capital Belfast to the city of Derry (or vice versa) and stretches for about 200 kilometers. It is possible to take scenic detours and join other legendary routes, such as the Wild Atlantic Way or the Morne Scenic Route. Between fields, wild beaches, nature in its pure state, history, picturesque villages, gastronomy, UNESCO site, sports activities and much more, roadtrip lovers will be able to have fun and enjoy some great adventures.